About us

We are a family kennel.

My name is Nancy Daponte, my husband Bart  and our 2 kids Matthew and Phoebe live in Heist Op Den Berg Belgium.

My passion and love for dogs started in 1989, when I got my very first Siberian Husky from my parents "Nejrbo" I started showing him with great succes and one thing led to another, from 1 dog came two and three ... had Siberian Huskies for a very long time with great succes. 

In 2003 I say my very first American Akita in the showring and fell in love with the breed head over heals, started my search for my very first American Akita wanted a dog that was stunning but most of all I needed a dog who had the perfect temprament as I had 2 very young children at that time. I found our stunning and very much loved dog one of a kind "Scotty" he lived his entire life in our house a true family member, along with "Scotty", came a lifelong friendship with my great friend and mentor Chris McLean Melodor kennels.

I love showing my dogs but there really our familymembers and when we have the occasional litter who are always born in our living room as I absolutely believe it is best to socialize them from day one and spent as much time with them and love and cuddle them. We do our very best to find each puppy the perfect forever home, show our as pet  as long as they all find there perfect forever home. Please have a look around on our website of find me on Facebook. Any questions please feel free to contact me.



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